Friday, February 20, 2009

The very rich hours of the Duke of Berry*

In a comment he left on my blog recently, my friend Don J wondered what the hell I was doing at work to come out with such nonsense.
In a way I thought his was a pertinent remark and I decided, in exclusivity, to share with you a day at the office with a French spy. So buckle up because I am not jacking around.

9am: a game of Rock-paper-scissors to decide which director we are going to take the piss out of today. Last time we counted, there were 12 of them so it takes a bit of time.

10:15 am: I google my true identity and fortunately my name does not pop up. My cover seems to be rock solid.

11am: meeting to play who’s the most badass. So far I am the all around champion with this sentence: ‘the last person who talked to me like that used to live across from the cemetery and now he lives across from his own house’ (a colleague of mine thought I was such a badass that we had to call an ambulance, she had a fit)

1pm: just like they do in 24 we sit behind our computers and look at each other suspiciously.

3pm: it’s a tad boring so we end up playing rummy.

5pm: if it looks like there is no imminent threat to the global peace in the world, I may go home where Madame Red, athirst for my company, is cooking dinner for me.

*Naturally the title has got nothing to do with anything but it’s a way for me to attract new readers as I suspect many people google this entry every day.


nuttycow said...

And I thought my life was exciting. I now know it has *nothing* on you. Sigh. Back to the drawing board.

red said...

i can't believe you said i cook! the cheek! and don't get me started on waiting athirstily....

Rosemary said...

So... did people google the title as much as you'd suspected?! Here's a hint; if you write a blog post with the words "Kelly Brook" in the tags, they just go crazy, the googlers!

The Major said...

NC: I guess there's always someone somewhere with a more exciting life than us

Red: I like the way you cook hummus

Rosemary: In fact I am sad to report that it did not work at all. Thanks for the tip anyway.

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