Saturday, January 3, 2009

And so, how was your year ?

Song of the year: Kids, MGMT.
Every time I listen to it I feel like I’m 10 and I am watching Goldorak on TV.

Drink of the year: White Russians.
I started 2008 drinking them in front of a beach in Dubai with Zee, John Cake, Just Tall and Madame Red, so yesterday I thought it made sense to close up the year by downing a few in the Dresden, Los Angeles.

Best jacuzzi: mine

Word of the year: community
They love it on the news, especially when disaster strikes. Houses are destroyed, people have lost everything but it’s not that bad because we’re talking about a tight, kind community. Family men who wake up early everyday to feed their children. And this community will surely take care of its own people.
Which to my European ears sounds like “you’re on your own, people, it’s not like the government is going to help you”.
Runners up: bail out, recession.

Best wedding: mine.

Object of the year: quarters
We need them for the laundry and we need them to buy the LA Times. So Madame Red and I have to devise astute strategies on a daily basis to keep them coming.

Album of the year: Crystal Castles, Crystal Castles.
Every time I listen to it, I feel like I am 10 and I am watching Goldorak on TV AND I understand what’s going on.

Best swimming pool: mine.

Madame Red’s line of the year:
One of my colleagues had given me a bunch of oranges and lemons from his garden. Bringing them home I was thinking that for once we were going to be healthy and eat some fruit but Madame Red’s immediate reaction was to say: “we’ve got to buy some Martini”.
You’ve got to like them Irish people.

Over all this was my 6th year with Madame Red. And it was the best so far.

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