Monday, July 28, 2008

A new mission for the Agency

Dear Irish friends, why hide it, you were a bit pissed off last week when she didn't show up. You felt a bit neglected, after all she had made it to England, hadn't she? The bitch, I heard you say, she could have dragged her arse around here.

Well, rejoice, my Irish friends, for in order to soothe your pain, President Sarkozy has decided to send me to Dublin instead.

Not quite the same, you may say.

No, not quite, I am afraid.

Sorry, you should have voted yes.


Mélanie said...

Bien vue, pour avoir Carlita, fallait voter "yes"...! Mais pourquoi ce post n'est-il qu'en anglais ?
Sinon, j'aime beaucoup ce que vous faite, comme on dis ;o)

The Major said...

Merci Mélanie. Le post est en français parce qu'ils s'adressent aux irlandais (et aussi parce que j'avais la flemme de le traduire)