Monday, June 23, 2008

Letter to Madame Red

I know, I already wrote to you a while ago. But you were a Miss at that time, things have changed since then. (Did you seriously think that we would get married one day ? Did you think about it, behind your counter, when you were serving me decaffeinated coffees?)

But it doesn’t really matter after all, that’s not why I’m writing. No, if I’m writing it’s because according to my calculations we’ve been together for exactly 2000 days. It’s quite an annivesary, isn’t it ?

This morning I thought about these 2000 days with you a lot. I thought about our first day and the gins and apricot we were drinking to give us some courage (honestly, gin and apricot, what were we trying to prove?). I thought about us yesterday in the magnificient Villa Medici, crushed by the heat.

I thought that I’d had 2000 days to get to know you and and that I’d managed so little (you like shoes and tea with no sugar, you like popcorn and Aidan Moffat).

And then I thought that I needed a bit more time with you. Not much, maybe 40 or 50 years, I’m not too sure. And that’s why I was writing really. I wanted to know if by any chance, if you had nothing better to do, if you had no other plan, you would mind spending a few more days with me.

We could maybe go eat an ice cream hand in hand. Or we coud get a drink on a terrace. If you like, I will teach you the rules of baseball.

At night, before you fall asleep, I will slightly run a hand in your hair.

It will be good, you’ll see.


red said...

And to think you give me a hard time when I count the big sap...

nuttycow said...


Do you give lessons?

The Major said...

Nuttycow: here's an idea... Thanx for the link.