Wednesday, March 12, 2008

One song, one story - 2

Place des Grands Hommes, Patrick Bruel

In 1989 France, there was no dodging this song about a guy who goes to the class reunion that he and his friends had promised to attend 10 years earlier (a concept completely alien to French people).

So my friends and I did exactly the same and we all swore to meet again, the 6 of us, in December 1999. At the time we were in a theater group and we had just played together for the very last time. We knew that this was it, we knew that each one of us would go on with our lives, and most of all, we thought this idea of meeting again was incredibly romantic.

We all went to Uni and the following year we managed to meet a couple of times. But then we lost touch. It was ok, though, as we had our big rendez-vous in 1999.

Needless to say we didn’t make it. Not because we forgot but because one day in 1993, one of us, Eve, died in a car crash.

Fortunately, today no one listens to that song anymore. But I still think about her. And I know the others do too.


Jane said...

That's heartbreaking Major.I hope it gets easier to deal with in time,I think it does anyway:-)

nuttycow said...

Things like that never leave you Major... Are you still in contact with the others?

gi said...

it's a very sad story, but well written

Crystal said...

You reminded me that my 10 year class reunion is in 2009. I know of at least 3 empty places. One just this year. Ovarian cancer.

The Major said...

Jane: it does, yes.

Nuttycow: Not really, although i pretty much know what they're up to. Except for one of them who has completely disappeared.

Gi: Thanx.

Crystal: That's really sad.