Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Turkish highlight

I was in Istanbul last week. Here are a few things that I remember.

Being woken up at 5:30 am by the melodious but rather firm voice of the imam next door who calls me – the sinner – to come and pray.

Crossing the Bosphore on a ferry. Looking at the beauty of the city in front of us. And occasionally getting shat on by a seagull.

Listening to Geo Boun’s masterclass on globalization and being happy to see him so happy.

Hagia Sophia in the rain.

Trying something new on the menu everyday and always ending up with seemingly the same kebab.

Drinking tea in every circumstance and at every hour of the day.

The Blue Mosque in the rain.

Getting mad at Turkish keyboards, especially the very deceptive i
without a dot. http://www.gmaı

Having endless conversations with Geo Boun at the bar of the hotel.

Tying to remember how to say thank you in Turkish. Teşekkürler.

Watching snooker on Europsort in the middle of the night because it’s hard to fall asleep without Mademoiselle Red next to me.

Me, in the rain.


Pedro said...

You and Red create the funniest posts.
This shit is hilarious.
The same Kebab and dodgy i's - brilliant.

Rosie said...

they're quite the pair alright. i hope you both had a great christmas.

The Major said...

Cheers, both of you. Have a very good year and keep blogging. Heavily.