Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lost in translation

It would have been a good title for my upcoming post about my trip to Istanbul, but I guess I will have to find another one.

It's just that I found out today on Youtube what it is that Bill Murray whispers in Scarlett Johansson's ear (remember that time when she was not excruciatingly annoying ?) in the last scene of the film.

It is like hearing a secret, something you have died to know for ages. And then someone lets it slip and the magic is gone.

Suddenly it's like it doesn't belong to you anymore.

That's the secret about secrets, they'd better stay untold.


Rosie said...

oooh. i just had a listen. how could i not, knowing that you knew and that i didn't! luckily it didn't disappoint me, or i'd be laying the blame squarely at your door.

anyway, fáilte ar ais :-)

homebug said...

Blah. Looked it up on Youtube. At least now I have specific directions for whoever engraves my gravestone.

AJ said...

that's pretty damn cool. thanks for sharing that with us major.

The Major said...

Rosie- thanks it's good to be back too

Hoembug: damn, i can't believe i didn't think about that first. I hate you witty people.

aj: You're very welcome. But seriously is that really you on that pic ?