Friday, March 27, 2009

Madame Red is packing again

I begged them. Down on my knees.
Give me another job, I asked.

And because the big guns at the Agency are nice, understanding people, they did.

Now, I don’t know much about the city we’re moving to.
I just know it looks like that:


somebirdsarelikethat said...

okay, i had to click on the picture and then google for the translation...are you guys excited?

Longman Oz said...

Wow! I like the city/people - a funny mixture of the old and the new, the traditional and the progressive, pleasant in summer, but bloody cold in winter. Have been there many times. The building in the left-hand corner is the hotel that I usually stay in - half the price it would cost in the west!

I have struggled enormously to pick up some basic words, but many of the younger generation have good English.

Na zdrowie!

Rosie said...

nice. i was there just the once and i've always fancied going back...

Caro said...

You're moving to Warsaw?

Wow. I didn't see that one coming. At all.

nick said...

Warsaw? Well, that's a surprise. I know nothing whatever about Warsaw, except that it was razed to the ground in World War 2. Clearly I will soon find out a bit more. Hang on though, I thought Madame Red had a New York job pencilled in?

nuttycow said...

How exciting! And, of course, we'll all have to come over and visit!

The Major said...

Rosie and Longman Oz : thanks for your support. I have never been there myself and it's good to know that at least some people enjoyed it.

NC and SBALT: We are very excited, we always are when it's time to move to another country.

Nick: I'm with you, it's the only thing I knew about the city too.

Caro: Well I felt like I overdid the hole list thing last year so I didn't want to advertise it this time around and I kept it to myself.

Annie said...

OMG! Congrats. I haven't been to Warsaw but I've been to other places in Poland and I loved it. Great people. Good luck xx

Jayne said...

OMG! You've only been in LA for five minutes!