Friday, February 27, 2009

Uncle figure

My sister got me a nice present for my birthday this year. In truth she’d meant to get it for Madame Red’s but, hey, these things happen sometimes.

So there you go, my nephew was born this morning, a tad early of course but his parents are such nice people that I guess he couldn’t wait to meet them.

Those who met him already say that his beauty eerily reminds them of his uncle.


somebirdsarelikethat said...

Congratulations on both your elevated status as uncle and your own birthday.

You know those people you totally wish you really knew in person because you're pretty sure going out for drinks with them would be fascinating? You and Red are totally those people. Hooray for finding new blogs!

Caro said...

Awww congratulations! Our first nephew/niece is due in August and I'm already planning all the swearwords I'm going to teach him/her in English. You should do the same!

The Major said...

sbalt: Thanx. Okay for a drink some day, you bring the fascinating bit and I'll pay for the booze.

Caro: And I will, believe me!

somebirdsarelikethat said...

It's a deal! Thanks for stopping by, too. Btw, I laughed at your long ago list of things you won't miss about Italy...very clear memories. But, I'll put up with them for a while!