Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A trip to Switzerland

I went to Geneva last week. For work, needless to say, one hardly goes there for fun.

I was trying to get a job with the UN.
But I don’t want to become a blue helmet, though, it’s far too dangerous. Even if blue generally suits me well.

In fact I want to be a spy. An international spy. Not like at the Agency.

So while in Geneva, I trained a lot and spied everyone all the time.

And here is my report:

- The Kebab next to the station is really good.
- Some Swiss have the good taste to speak French.
- Starbucks coffees are exactly the same as anywhere else.
- When you’re told that one tram will leave at 6h42, it leaves at 6h42.
- It looks like the country is not under the imminent threat of a civil war.
- Generally speaking and according to the evidence I gathered, the Portuguese play better football than the Swiss.
- With the money they would give me if I had a job there, I could pay people to read my blog.

Here you go.

I’m now waiting for the results with serenity.


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Caro said...

I thought you already were an international spy? This is most disappointing.

Have my fingers crossed for you!