Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Once there were three friends

It was almost three years ago already, my first encounter with Don J and Geo Boun. The three of us looked strangely alike and it indeed became clear very early on that we were going to be friends.

Don J had quite an experience working for the Agency and he helped us a lot in the beginning. Yet it is Geo Boun who was going to lead the way. In fact, he invented a concept which became our motto: "working differently".

For the profane reader, this concept implies one clarification :

- in this particular occurrence "differently" means "as little as possible".

And for us, a certain number of rules, such as:

- constantly using obscure, complicated, multi-syllable words to describe whatever it is that you are doing, even if you are not too sure how you would spell them if you had too.

- franctically moving your hands while using these words to keep your audience in awe.

- spending a vast amount of time drinking coffee at the cafeteria (to make sure things are going smoothly there)

- avoiding at all cost any kind of formal meeting. When this proves impossible, resorting to the use of previously mentioned obscure, complicated, multi-syllable words (never forgetting of course to franctically move hands).

- going for a business lunch every thursday to discuss such important matters as Alex Ferguson's ridiculous red nose (it's only an example).

- designing strategies to go to said lunches without the presence of moronic co-cworkers unworthy of our presence.

- look generally relaxed but in charge.

"Working differently" did wonders four our careers.

I am being sent to Los Angeles. And Geo Boun just landed the mother of all jobs in England (after all he invented the concept, didn't he ?). We're both very excited if not a bit jealous of Don J because as I previously explained here, his wife got a great job in Peru and he's just going to follow her there and hang out.

Needless to say we're very happy about our experience in Rome. Except of course that it's going to be hard for us to meet again in the near future.

Actually, using a map of the world, we found out that the closest and most convenient meeting point for us next year would be the Bermuda triangle.

I think it says something.

It says that we'd better enjoy those last few weeks.

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