Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Football is a form of art

I am not just a pretty face. I go to museums too. And on Monday I really enjoyed Sebastiano Del Piombo. Although in the beginning I wasn't completely convinced. The curators were trying - a bit clumsily - to explain that Piombo was a precursor. Titian ? A copycat. Michelangelo ? A mere collaborator of the newfound genius. Look at the hands they kept saying. Look at this movement, this energy. But I wasn't buying it.

That's until I saw this picture:

And then it all made sense . Look at that, look at how she calmly but forcefully signals Alex Ferguson to fuck off. Truly amazing.

Sebastiano Del Piombo, a true precursor indeed.


red said...

Man, you are such a twit.

darren said...

Is this a preemptive stike on Fergie or what?? As far as I know he hasn't said a tap about Chelsea besides saying they have the key... granted it'll probably heat up in coming weeks
strike one, major

Nick said...

No, no, she's just trying to find her mobile. It slipped down inside her cloak somewhere.

Blossom said...

Is Dorothy not being suggestive ?
Man Utd.............2
Roma .............0

gi said...

you haven't translated, but I can read .
Why didn't you bought this paintain ?
oh ! it's very difficult for me

The Major said...

Blossom, how did you even know that the irl was called Dorothy ?

Blossom said...

Major, Dorothy was easy....that's history. What you should have asked was how did I know Man U would beat Roma 2 - 0 !