Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Today, to relax a little bit, and following this ridiculous incident, I underwent MRI.
I must confess I was a tad tense. And my mouth was very dry when I discovered, in a not so welcoming underground floor and at the end of a bone-chilling corridor, this torture device.
The doctor welcomed me gently though and then proceeded to scream his indications at me (here as everywhere else, it is generally believed that the louder we speak, the better the foreigner will understand).
And then we started and, really, it wasn't that bad.
I imagine it’s not unlike lying underneath a 747 when it's about to take off.
Better close your eyes tightly and stay very, very still.


gi said...

I thank to you very much

Nick said...

It looks more like a washing machine to me. Are you sure you didn't get washed and tumble dried and emerge a sparkling fresh Major?