Thursday, January 3, 2008

5 years ago, I went to the cinema with a very beautiful young girl. We saw The Dancer Upstairs and then went to a bar to have a little chat. After a few glasses of wine, I somehow managed to convince her to come to my place for a last drink.

Things, I thought, were looking good.

My place: dim lights, music, bottle of wine.
We talked and we laughed. We asked questions and got answers. We felt good.

But then she left.
Without a kiss.

And that’s why our anniversary is only tomorrow.


red said...

Ah yes, the candles and virgin suicides soundtrack. To think I thought that was perfectly normal carry on for you...

Annie Rhiannon said...

Heh, congrats. And happy new year.

timelessmoron said...

Thanks for coming by and also for leaving the very first comment on my blog. I'm glad I found yours. But... do I have to write my comment in two different languages too ?

Parce que je risque de m'emmêler les pinceaux. And you don't want to do that. Except if your name is Picasso.

The Major said...

Annie: thank you, you too.
TLM: it's quite a name you've got going there... Oui une réponse dans les deux langues s'impose, je crois.

Jayne said...

Hey! Just found with your blog (and Mademoiselle Red's).


Plus I can learn French. Yay.

The Major said...

Hi Jayne, welcome to the blog. french lessons are free indeed. Help yourself.