Saturday, December 22, 2007

Best of 2007

Best fillum that talked about the difficulty of growing up as a hermaphrodite in Uruguay:

XXY, Lucia Puenzo

Album of the year which is not called Autumn of the Seraphs:

Graduation, Kanye West

Best song to go to work in the morning : Good morning, Kanye West

Best song to come back from work at night: Is there a ghost, Band of horses.

Top 3 crap films Mademoiselle Red lured me into watching:
- The Prestige
- Elizabeth
- Atonement

Top 3 Mademoiselle Red’s posts:

- Liverpool-Marseille, Champion’s league: 0-1
- England-Croatia, Euro 2008 qualifier: 2-3
- Italy – France, Euro 2008 qualifier, 0-0: a fairly boring game but I was in San Siro with Don J, Geo Boun and Alexmar. Priceless.

Top 2 compliments I received:

- every morning as i’m getting ready to go to work, a half-asleep Mademoiselle Red whispers to me that I am “so handsome”. I know that she hasn’t even opened her eyes just to make sure I was really that handsome but it makes my day all the same.

- A student of mine compared my 8 o’clock monday morning class to the warm croissant you grab at 6 am on the way home from a club.

Top 2 major boxes ticked:

- Venice
- Picasso’s Guernica
Been there, seen that.

Piece of art that makes you proud to be French in a very good and very international exhibition:

Prenez soin de vous, Sophie Calle, Venice Biennale

In 2007 I also liked random things like:

- walking in the streets of Rome with Mademoiselle Red and looking at the people stunned by her beauty.
- turning 35.
- going to bed early to watch House, comfortably wrapped in the duvet.
- Lunch every Thursday with Don J and Geo Boun
- Not being in France for the presidential elections.
- Facebook
- Making a gazillion plans that will never come to life
- The Roman Autumn.
- Getting rid off clothes because they were so 2006.
- Writing this blog.

Top 4 things I am looking forward to in 2008:
- Moving to a new country in August

- France winning the European championship, with a Benzema treble during the final against a humiliated and powerless Italian team. At the end of the game, Gattuso declares: No team has ever played better. Materazzi takes his own life.

- A new pope. Let’s face it this one is boring. Even I, who live in Rome, hardly ever hear of him.

- A sex video on Youtube featuring my president and his new girlfriend, Carla Bruni. Remember when this actually happens: you read it here first.


Nick said...

Yes, Picasso's Guernica just has to be seen for real. There're other artists that have to be seen for real as well - Bridget Riley, Salvador Dali, Mark Rothko for a start. Even the best quality print can never do them justice.

lauren said...

I really love this blog, y'know :)

The Major said...

Nick- I totally agree. Got the opportunity to see the Rothko chapel in Houston and there's no way you could feel the same thimg on a poster

Lauren- well, thank you very much. happy new year to you.