Monday, November 12, 2007

Some day some dude will call me dad

Mademoiselle Red wants to have children.

She told me yesterday just after breakfast, because after all that’s the kind of thing you can tell whenever you want to, there is no rule.

Not fully awake yet, it took me a few seconds to realise that what she really meant was that she wanted kids with me.

And well, it made me very happy.


red said...

I meant eventually. Possibly. Some day. Perhaps.

Nick said...

You trying to pin her down or what? Give her some space.... (somehow this seems a rather intimate subject for blogging....)

red said...

it's ok nick- he's only teasing me. i'm an easy target :)

The Major said...

So Nick, I didn't know you were in the blogging police. For some reason i thought i could write exactly what i wanted on MY blog. Guess maybe you could fill me in and send me a list of appropriate subjects, what do you think ?