Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Fascinating fact

I noticed this morning that i could say, not even under duress, the word courgette in 4 different languages.

I thought, Major, really, what an exciting life.


Medbh said...

This is the first bilingual blog I've visited.
Well done.
My French is for shit so you'll have to excuse that.

red said...


That makes 5. Ha, I beat you.

Nick said...

Ah, but more important, do you know four tasty recipes for courgettes (from four different countries of course)?

The Major said...

Thanks Medbh. I guess since it's the first bilingual blog you've visited, that it's also the best, which is pretty cool.

Red. That's showing off

Nick. I couldn't cook a courgette to save my life unfortunately.

Rosie Cheeks said...

i'm jealous. which makes me such a nerd.

*burns with nerdy shame*

The Major said...

Nice one Rosie!

Nick said...

Cooking courgettes is a doddle - just chop them into small slices and fry for ten minutes in olive oil (or whatever).

Fiona said...

I'm not usually a courgette fan, but the nicest I've ever tasted were in Cafe Paradiso in Cork. No more than 3 inches long, sliced lengthways, and cooked in butter.